Key Cutting at Pacific Beach Ace Hardware in San Diego

What kinds of keys can Ace Hardware copy?

The power of a backup key should never be underestimated. Having a spare can prevent those needlessly missed meetings and family gatherings, or the feeling of hopeless frustration at not being able to enter your own home. Pacific Beach Ace Hardware key copying services can provide a variety of key copies for all of your needs, including modern key fobs, traditional keys, and unique laser-cut keys. Being prepared shouldn’t be complicated, which is why our services are accessible and timely to provide spare or replacement keys.

Key Fobs Replacement

A modern development in key technology- key fobs are small handheld remote devices that control keyless entry systems. Key fobs offer sleek convenience, security and ease to home and car owners. Even with their unique design, Pacific Beach Ace Hardware is able to cut and program an exact spare fob with our key copying services. We are partnered with Keystart and Instafob to offer a variety of fob types for your needs, whether that be a home or car fob. Program entry access fobs are used for apartment buildings, offices, or parking garages and more. These are also able to be replicated with our Ace key copy services.

Traditional Keys

Traditional keys are used in most homes and older car models. Since they don’t require any additional programming, basic keys are the most simple to copy and generally less expensive. Grabbing a few spare key copies for the whole family is easier than ever, and ensures the ultimate peace of mind. Pacific Beach Ace Hardware offers a variety of different key blanks to fit your needs for a spare or replacement key. 

Laser-Cut Keys

The standout feature of laser-cut keys is their unique shape- a study and thick design that has a groove cut through the middle of the key. Laser cut keys are made to fit only with one specific vehicle, as they have a built in transponder chip system. This chip requires programming in addition to the key design. This modern design offers security as they are not easily replicated. Our services provide all that you need for a complete laser-cut key copy.

How Long Does It Take to Copy a Key at Ace Hardware?

Our process at Pacific Beach Ace Hardware ensures a precise key copy in your hands in a swift timeline. There are a few components that affect this process, the main one being the type of key you need. Traditional car or house keys are available within the shortest amount of time- typically cut within a matter of minutes. Key fobs or laser-cut keys on the other hand, may take longer- usually up to an hour- because of the unique programing that is required for these models. Keep in mind, the time spent getting a replacement key copy is priceless compared to being locked out. Ace Hardware key copy services are here for your security and convenience so you are always prepared for life’s unexpected moments.